Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fabric Coming Out Of My Ears

I am not exaggerating.

I literally have fabric coming out of my ears!

Here is what's new this week!

Sunny Daze by Alice Kennedy
In Blue

and in Pink

We have Green & Red Stitched Swirls back in stock!

Alphabet Scramble in Black& White and Khaki
I love these!

Fandango by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics

Petit Village from Timeless Treasures

I know what you are all thinking....

Where am I going to put all this fabric?

Good question. I am still trying to figure that out!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nantucket Summer Dress

I know this collection is called Nantucket "Summer",
but it has the perfect colors for an autumn dress!

A sweet little autumn dress, with a basket-weave trim, and a sweet little flower corsage on the front.

I went for a bell sleeve, but couldn't quite get it to "bell".
Oh well.

I wanted a BIG bow in the back.

And of course, we had to finish the photo shoot with a song.

Nantucket Summer will be on SALE all week long in the shop!

Aren't they cute?

Time to stock up!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Here is what's new in the SHOP this week!

Opal Owl By Tina Givens

Paradise By Pat Bravo

Selected prints from:
Metro Market
Urban Zoologie
Urban Circus
from Robert Kaufman

Lots more coming this week too!

Pure & Fandango from Moda should be here by the end of next week!


I am so excited for school to start so I can have time for all the projects I have planned for these fabulous collections!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Piece of Cake!

I just finished (as in 2 minutes ago) my second quilt!
And I just couldn't wait to show it off!

It truly was a Piece of Cake! Each square is 10", so a Layer Cake would help you whip this quilt up in no time.

I used Laurie Wisbrun's Tufted Tweets Collection, and just cut my own 10" squares, since I didn't have a layer cake.

The pattern was found in this fabulous magazine!
The one on the cover was my inspiration.
I don't think you would need the magazine though to complete this project. It was really quite simple.
You just need:

1 Layer Cake (or 32 10" Squares)
64 White 10" Squares
about 6 yards of fabric for the backing
about 1/2 yard of fabric for the binding

♥ You cut 6 1/2" circles out of your print fabrics, and then save the outer edge.
♥ Appliqué the circles you cut out onto a white square, and then appliqué the outer edge of the print fabric that you saved onto another white square.
♥ Repeat for all of your squares and then piece them together.

It will turn out sew cute!

I made this particular quilt for my kids' playroom. It can get quite chilly in the basement!

So here it will sit, until one of my babies needs to snuggle during Sesame Street.

We also added quite a few new prints to the shop this week, check 'em out!

Origins-I have a skirt planned for myself with this collection!

Domestic Diva - Isn't it perfect for an apron!

Next week we hope to have in:

Fandango from Moda
Paradise from Art Gallery
Opal Owl from Free Spirit

I will let you know as soon as they arrive!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Dress

Okay, I know summer is almost over,
and I am WAY LATE getting this posted.

Here is my Summer Dress/Swimsuit Cover Up

I kept trying to find someone to model the dress for me,
but couldn't,
and so I finally worked up the courage to model it myself!

Here is the pattern that I used:

The actual printable pattern wouldn't work, so I did a little figuring to make it my size.

Here is the strapless version.

The dress has pockets and is really easy to make.
30 minutes tops!

This was also a great project for me to practice shirring.
Sew easy!

Fall is right around the corner here in Idaho, but maybe where you live there are still plenty of sunshiny days left!


Sunday, August 15, 2010


This past week we received Farmdale from Alexander Henry Fabrics.
We are missing a few prints from the collection, but they should be here in the next month or so.
Isn't it cute?

We have a lot of new collections coming this month,
but as always,
we must be patient and wait for them to arrive.
Okay, I am the one who needs to be patient.
I just can't wait!

Here is a mere sampling of a few collections that we hope to have by the end of the week!
There are lots more prints from each collection :)

Hooty Hoot from Riley Blake Designs, In Cotton and Flannel

Domestic Diva from Riley Blake Designs

Origins from Moda

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Long Overdue

10 Months ago,

Yes, almost 1 year ago,

I ordered these prints...

Amy Butler's Lotus Collection reprints.

Morning Glory in Linen and Wallflower in Cherry

And on Friday they finally arrived!

I may have done a little dance ;)

And I couldn't wait to cut into it!

My kids' playroom window needed some definite help.
It WAS drab and dreary.
And now it is spunky!

The rest of windows in my basement now look very bare. A problem I will quickly remedy!

I also finished my 2nd quilt today!
Now it is off to the quilter's for a marvelous transformation!

Here is a sneak peak!